Your corporate strategy carries a lot of weight and must set the direction for all functions inside the company. Watch here as I moderate a debate on the topic of corporate strategy. My colleagues, Mike Drapeau, Partner, and Kevin Avery, Senior Consultant, will go toe to toe on how to best set your company’s strategic direction.


In our first segment, we will tackle common misconceptions when it comes to strategy. For example, is corporate strategy just fluff and no substance? We’ll dissect this objection and more, and define what a good corporate strategy looks like. We’ll explain how and why it must orchestrate the rest of the functional strategies. And why it is more than just a paragraph on your website, or some internal presentations.


We’ll then explore the competitive environment. Mike and Kevin will debate how to best identify your competition, and how to define your advantages against this competition. They will explain why the decision on how you will compete will impact the entire organization. It is not one to be taken lightly.


We’ll wrap up the show by exploring how to best allocate your resources to support your strategy. Mike and Kevin will explain why your budget must line up with your business objectives. And why every dollar spent must align with your company’s mission, vision and values.


Watch here to understand the importance of your corporate strategy. We’ll debunk common fallacies around business strategies, and instead explain their importance. We will provide ways to ensure your strategy provides insight into how the company goals can be achieved. Essentially, by watching, you will set your organization up to hit their revenue growth objectives with a solid corporate strategy.