Significantly increase the odds of making your number in 2018

It’s difficult to grow revenue faster than your industry’s growth rate and faster than your competitors. SBI released our 11th annual research report, How to Make Your Number in 2018 Workbook to help you increase the probability of making your number.


Who is the Workbook for?


The Workbook is for executives who want to be market leaders. To be a market leader, you must grow revenue faster than the industry and your competitors. We call this “making your number.” If you want to lead your market, this workbook is for you.


How Does the Workbook Increase the Probability of Making Your Number?


It teaches you what market leaders are doing differently than average market participants. 


We call these unique approaches emerging best practices. An emerging best practice is a method being used exclusively by market leaders. They are not being used by everyone. Emerging best practices are powerful differentiators that cause revenue growth to accelerate. 


In contrast, average market participants use best practices. A best practice is a method used by many, if not all. Best practices are not differentiators and do not cause revenue growth to accelerate. With many executives implementing the same best practices, often in the same industry, their ability to create market leadership does not exist. 


Every week, 52 weeks per year, executives striving for market leadership travel to Dallas, Texas, to visit The Studio, our executive briefing center. Their time is spent participating in workshop exercises, under our supervision, designed to help them “make the number.” 


This vantage point allows us to witness what is working, and what is not working. 


The output of these sessions is this workbook. 


The methodologies, tools, and exercises you are holding in your hands were created by your peers who have become market leaders by consistently “making their number.” 


This is the only workbook we know of that has been battle-tested by such a large and diverse group of successful growth executives. This is why you should read it. 


Have expectations gone up and left you wondering if you can make your number? Here is an interactive tool that will help you understand if you have a chance at success. Take the Revenue Growth Diagnostic test to rate yourself against SBI’s sales and marketing strategy to find out if:


  • Your revenue goal is realistic
  • You will earn your bonus
  • You will keep your job


Sales Revenue Growth


Matt Sharrers

Leads the firm's focus on the CEO’s role in accelerating revenue growth by embracing emerging best practices to grow revenue faster than the industry and competitors. 

Matt Sharrers is the CEO of SBI, a management consulting firm specialized in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping you Make Your Number. Forbes recognizes SBI as one of The Best Management Consulting Firms in 2017.


Over the course of nearly a decade at SBI, Matt Sharrers was an instrumental early partner guiding SBI as the Senior Partner. Matt’s functional responsibilities included acting as the head of sales where he led SBI’s double-digit revenue growth, and was responsible for the hiring function to build SBI’s team of revenue generation experts.


Prior to joining SBI in 2009, Matt spent eleven years leading sales and marketing teams as a Vice President of Sales. Matt has “lived in the field.” As a result, he is the foremost expert in the art of separating fact from fiction as it relates to revenue growth best practices. CEOs and Private equity investors turn to Matt’s team at SBI when they need to unlock trapped growth inside of their companies.



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