The answer is you are probably trying to answer both and understanding the buyer personas of your customers is something you should spend time digging into.  In past blogs we’ve discussed how in win-loss analysis, a critical theme that will come out consistently is figuring out if you sales process is correctly mapped or aligned with your customers buying process.  A critical component of the customers buying process is knowing your buyer personas.


A buyer persona is really just the target buyer, so maybe the CEO, CIO or Head of Sales, CTO, Marketing VP, so on. 


sales force effectiveness


Depending on what you are selling will determine who you are selling too.  Win-loss analysis can help you uncover at times if the person or persons you’ve identified to purchase is actually accurate.  Often times what is found is that in fact that the persons being targeted to buy are often do not fit the accurate buying persona for that product or service, so from a sales force effectiveness standpoint a lot of time is being potentially wasted by your sales organization.


Here are a few data points to consider when thinking about buyer persona:

  1. The years of experience in the role, who they report to, their team size, so on.
  2. Key responsibilities of the buyer.
  3. Revenue responsibility for the buyer, growth rates within their industry.
  4. The problems your buyer identifies having.
  5. Solution and price expectations your buyer has.


The end goal is to help the sales professionals in your organization target the right person(s) to purchase your product and solution.  You will be able to help them uncover the true needs of the buyer, teach them how to sell around obstacles about your solution, along with other sales force effectiveness processes.


So when doing win-loss analysis dig into buyer personas, do you know if your organization is selling to the right people within your targeted audience?  If not, helping them uncover this valuable information can lead to an uplift in sales and morale of your sales organization.


Are you doing this today?  If not, it’s easy to get started and the return for your sales organization can be huge.