Is your corporate strategy meeting your revenue growth objectives? If not, our research indicates it’s probably due to one thing in particular – lack of strategic alignment. Only when your organization’s strategies are tied together, do you achieve predictable outcomes. Watch here, as my colleague Scott Gruher, Partner at SBI, and I discuss the impact of strategic alignment.


We start the show by discussing the steps to achieving strategic alignment. We’ll uncover why a staggering 91% of companies still continue to struggle with this concept. And why this leads to no function inside the organization being successful.


Next, we’ll discuss SBI’s Revenue Growth Maturity Model. We will explain what each level means, from level 1 to level 5, and the benefits of moving up the ladder. We will discuss improvements experienced by level 5 organizations such as lowered customer acquisition costs, and higher customer lifetime value. And finally, we’ll explain how to plot your organization on this scale, and what to do with this information once you have.


Ultimately, as CEO you must take an objective view of your business and ask yourself some tough questions. Only then can you understand if you are in strategic alignment and achieving the results you need. Watch here as we explain how to start this process with your internal teams to achieve alignment across the organization. Also, we’ll explain how to use another popular resource, SBI’s flagship publication, How to Make Your Number in 2017. This workbook contains exercises to help you make your number in a predictable, hassle-free way, year after year.