B2B marketing executive team demonstrates how to generate revenue and achieve a return on the campaign dollar.

Amy Barzdukas - Chief Marketing Officer - Polycom


Today’s show is a rare opportunity to hear from an entire B2B marketing leadership team on a key topic that will make or break the year for most companies. We are going to demonstrate how to design marketing campaigns that generate revenue. Amy and her team leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook as a guide to emerging best practices for campaign planning. Turn to page 264 of the PDF to review the Campaign Strategy and Planning phase.


Joining me in the studio today is the marketing team from Polycom, an agile B2B marketing team. With 400,000 customers and 25 years of success, Polycom is the leader in the collaboration space. Our guests include Amy Barzdukas the VP of Global Solutions Marketing, Maurizio Capuzzo the VP of Americas Marketing, Charles Dunlap the Director of Lead Generation, and Jim Kruger the CMO.


To facilitate the conversation, we will leverage SBI’s campaign planning tool that is displayed for viewers.  I am going to walk this team through the steps and get them to share with you how Polycom plans campaigns from their own version of SBI’s planning process.  


Why this topic? Campaign budgets are limited and these campaigns need to generate revenue. In B2B, marketing campaigns generate revenue when they are hyper-targeted, and do not when they are spray and pray. Today, we will demonstrate how to generate revenue and achieve a return on the campaign dollar.


The show begins by addressing the key question of how marketing leaders make the go/no do decision on campaigns. Watch as the process for decision making is described in detail.


Watch as Maurizio shares with the audience how to pick a target audience, and how do you select the correct media for a campaign.  Maurizio stated; “The target audience will consume the different type of information according to their stage in the buyer journey. Therefore, we need to look at and learn what they like to consume, when they like to consume it and the type of information that they use. Therefore, as part of the process of understanding who they are and what they do, we try to work with the sales team in understanding and interview the customer as well.”


We discussed how to build campaigns based on the buyer persona’s emotional drivers. This is easier said than done. Amy Barzukas provides an insightful answer into the approach. Amy stated, “It requires a lot of research into really understanding buyer personas; and you need to understand what they value, what they worry about, what they care about – and then build your messaging for them so that you know that what drives them. Then talk to them about the ease of use – about the ways that it’s going to make their life easier.”


The final segment of the show is focused on demonstrating how to pick the activities to use for each campaign, how to develop compelling offers, and lastly how do you measure the effectiveness of a campaign.


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