Speakers: Evan Randall |

Today’s topic is forecasting accuracy. How to install a thorough forecasting and pipeline management process.


Joining us is Evan Randall the Vice President of Sales Operations at Tableau Software. Evan is doing ground-breaking work in forecasting accuracy. Listen as Evan breaks down the approach to drive forecasting accuracy.


The first segment of the show is focused on individual deal level forecasting. Evan describes how he uses predictive analytics to determine what is likely to happen. He describes the importance of having a sales process with a level of simplicity to achieve adoption. A well adopted and easy to use sales process enables you to collect good data.


Evan Randall - VP Sales Operations


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Sales rep level forecast accuracy is the focus of the second segment. Reps are responsible for providing a Commit, Most Likely and Best Case number in most organizations.


Evan describes in detail how to provide tools for sales reps to know if they can make their number. Together these items tell the reps where they sit so they can act proactively to improve the outcome. Sales reps have this view and tool-set throughout the quarter.


The final segment of the show focuses on management level executive reporting. Evan explains how at the end of the day there isn’t one model that will give you the right forecast. There’s science, but there is an art to it as well.


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