The fourth quarter is well underway, and you’re anticipating the success that 2016 should bring. If you’ve aligned your organization, then your strategies are almost solidified and you’re ready to bring on new talent to hit the quota.


But the work doesn’t end there. To be sure each team stays on track to make the number, it’s important to figure out how to set up review processes. This way, it will be much easier to keep tabs on how the functional strategies are performing.


QBRs alone won’t keep your company up to speed.

So, let’s get this out of the way now: Annual reviews are not sufficient. And while Quarterly Business Reviews are necessary, they alone won’t keep your company up to speed. QBRs provide an opportunity to address major alignment issues and update strategies according to changing market conditions. But they don’t account for more minute yet still crucial items of priority. These need to be checked more frequently.


That’s why–if your company wants to stay on the path of strategic alignment–you need to set up solid weekly and monthly performance reviews. And you need to be ready to play them out in Q1.


Here’s what you should accomplish with each.



Starting in the first quarter, functional leaders should be prepared to meet one-on-one each week to look for areas of misalignment.


The agenda for these meetings are comprised of the following:


  • Review status of action items from the prior week.
  • „Discuss execution issues from each strategy.
  • „Prioritize what each function owes the other function.
  • Share new market intelligence and its implications.
  • Set action items for the coming week.


While that takes care of weekly check-ins, monthly meetings are a different beast.



Monthly calls provide an opportunity for each team to review KPIs and make sure the organization is on track to make the number. This is also the time to address any larger scale alignment issues that weren’t handled in the weekly meetings.


The agenda for these meetings are comprised of the following:


  • Review progress against each strategy’s objectives and KPIs summarized on a stoplight report.
  • „Share new market intelligence and assess the implications.
  • „Work on one or two big issues that threaten alignment and/or execution.


Still, before you can review your company’s performance, you need to make sure the necessary strategies are set up in and in play. That’s why SBI has launched a consultation workshop entirely dedicated to helping you make the number. We’re ready to get started and help you achieve success. All you have to do is register.


Scott Gruher

Orchestrates and designs the perfect project strategy, one engagement at a time, to ensure that every SBI client makes their number.

Scott joined SBI in 2010 with years of hands-on experience in sales leadership and enterprise selling. Since his arrival, he has helped dozens of organizations dramatically accelerate growth, from Fortune 10 organizations like Phillips 66 to fast-growing cloud service organizations like InfusionSoft. Scott specializes in cross-functional alignment. He helps leaders align around the growth goal and design the right processes to bring the strategy to life. His unique combination of real world experience and a pragmatic approach to problem solving have made him one of SBI’s most demanded resources.

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