Industrial Expertise

Uncover new growth levers to outpace your competitors.

Rapid innovations in automation and digitalization have created new opportunities for industrial firms to increase their speed, provide higher quality products and services, and lower their costs.


However, capturing these opportunities to grow faster than competitors is challenging. As industrial businesses scale, they tend to experience these growth issues:


  • Market forces that change the opportunity associated with a market segment
  • New market segments adjacent to, or completely outside of, what was considered their core
  • Optimizing pricing based on market segments and customer profiles
  • Adjusting sales coverage based on opportunities
  • Developing a clear competitive position and value differentiation
  • Channel optimization to effectively address key customer segments and business models
  • Creating high-performing sales organizations through emerging best practices in sales operations and sales enablement
  • Alignment of objectives from the corporate strategy through product, pricing, marketing, and sales strategies


Having deep expertise with industrial clients, SBI understands how to accelerate revenue growth amid industry challenges. Our industrial clients make their number by following our Revenue Growth Methodology (RGM).


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