The SBI Approach to Market Research

SBI’s market research analysis is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the markets, accounts, and buyers your company encounters, every day. Specifically, it helps you differentiate your strategy from your competition, prioritize your accounts, align your strategy with buyer needs, and address user problems with your products. As a result, it allows you to bring your strategy into alignment with the external market. And if you are also aligned with the internal strategies from corporate, product, marketing, etc., you can define the right sales strategy. We will make sure you do.


What is Market Research?

Market research is a set of actionable insights gathered from the external environment in which your company competes.


What Does Market Research Do?

Market research provides external context to enable executives to make smarter decisions on how to allocate their resources – people, money and time.


What Does It Mean to Use Market Research?

Companies that use market research have a better chance of succeeding because they are aligned with the external marketplace.



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