The Problem

Demand generation and lead management does not work for companies with business models dependent on a small number of accounts but who spend a lot. Waiting for dream accounts to come to you will result in you missing your revenue targets. If you live and die by the big deal, growing revenues faster than your industry and your competitors requires a shift to account based marketing.


The Solution

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy

  • Process and Infrastructure

    • Roles & Responsibilities

    • ABM Structure

    • ABM Talent Audit

    • ABM Process

    • Marketing Operations systems and support configuration

    • Sales Operations configuration

    • Sales Playbook

    • Content Process

  • Relevance

    • Contact Access

    • Account-specific Insights

    • Account-specific Personas

    • Account-specific Marketing Plans

    • Content Production by Account

    • Account Relevant Messaging

  • Engagement
    • Content Strategy Execution

    • Account Plans

    • Targeted offers and Content

    • Customization of Content/Event

    • Distribution Plan/ABM Media Plan

  • Execution and Optimization Planning


With this phase completed, it is time to move on to Phase 13: Lead Generation.