Phase 1: Brand Planning

Define your company’s image in the eyes of customers, employees and partners.


The Problem

Your corporate reputation doesn’t evoke a positive response from stakeholders.


Without action, a corporate definition of the brand promise means nothing to customers, employees and partners. Your brand plan must bring the promise to life. These can’t be just words. They need to become actions that evoke the right emotional connection with key stakeholders. Because of social media, a single bad experience can jeopardize your entire brand image. Are you driving your brand into every possible customer interaction?


The Solution

  • Brand promise creation
  • Brand attribute definition
  • Competitor brand positioning analysis
  • Brand activation audit
  • Creation of brand proof points
  • Brand identity testing methodology
  • Brand equity valuation estimate
  • Touchpoint analysis
  • Message architecture
  • Brand guidelines and identity standards


With this phase completed, it is time to move on to Phase 2: Campaign Planning.