Phase 2: Campaign Planning

During this phase, your company will design marketing campaigns to attract buyers to your products and solutions.


The Problem

You haven’t launched campaigns that fill the pipeline with leads.


Even when campaign dollars are carefully allocated, campaigns often fail to attract buyers. Either the audience isn’t well defined, the wrong programs were chosen, the wrong activities were executed or the offers were not well developed. How can you know in advance which programs, activities and offers will work?


The Solution

  • Campaign objectives, budget, schedule, and goals
  • Campaign personas, content assets, market message, and barriers to response
  • Campaign activity selection
    • Email
    • Social
    • Direct mail
    • Trade shows
  • Campaign offers, calls-to-action, media and lists
  • Campaign selection
    • Awareness
    • Competitive replacement
    • Upsell
    • Cross sell
    • Migration


With this phase completed, it is time to move on to Phase 3: Budget Planning.