The Problem

Every market has a “sweet spot”. Campaigns (and their budgets) generate revenues when focused directly at this “sweet spot.” Campaigns that are not hyper-targeted do not. To generate a return on marketing campaign dollars requires a clear objective, timeline, budget, accurate lists, correct media mix and compelling calls to action.


The Solution

  • Campaign objectives, budget, schedule, and goals
  • Campaign personas, content assets, market message, and barriers to response
  • Campaign activity selection
    • Email
    • Social
    • Direct mail
    • Trade shows
  • Campaign offers, calls-to-action, media and lists
  • Campaign selection
    • Awareness
    • Competitive replacement
    • Upsell
    • Cross sell
    • Migration
  • Campaign design
  • Campaign goals
  • Program design
  • Activity design
  • Offer design
  • Lead qualification process
  • Lead scoring/grading process
  • Lead routing process
  • Campaign Pro-Forma and reporting dashboards
  • Campaign planning process playbook
  • Campaign execution assessment
  • Campaign schedule
  • Campaign reporting dashboards


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