Phase 11: Content Production

In the content production phase, SBI will help your company create a content plan around highly relevant topics in enough quantity to meet the objectives of the marketing and sales departments.


The Problem

You haven’t created buyer-centric content.


The demand for content to fuel your B2B sales funnel never ends. Marketing teams need content to feed campaigns. Sales teams need content at critical moments of a sales cycle to educate customers and prospects. The content must be customer-focused and relevant to their needs. Without it, campaigns stall and deals push.


The Solution

  • Content audit
  • Assessment of content plan, editorial, and production schedule
  • Content creation capacity plan
  • Staffing plan
  • Content engagement benchmark
  • Content type development
    • Websites, blog posts, eBooks, white papers, newsletters, curated content, customer interviews, third-party expert interviews, video, webinars, surveys, contests, apps, widgets, SlideShare, infographics, print articles, live events, etc.


With a content production process in place, it’s time to move on to Phase 12: Campaign Execution.