Phase 7: Lead Management Process

During the lead management process, SBI helps your company nurture and qualify early-stage prospects into sales-ready leads.


The Problem

You need to plug holes in your leaky funnel and keep your leads flowing.


It’s a constant struggle. Marketing and sales aren’t on the same page when it comes to defining leads and opportunities. Often unqualified leads are handed off from marketing to sales too early. The sales team learns to distrust the quality of the lead, putting less effort into follow-up or even neglecting the lead entirely. Opportunities slip away from right under the sales team’s nose.


The Solution

  • Lead management process
  • Common lead and opportunity definitions
  • Lead response workflows
  • Nurture pathways
  • Offer matrix
  • Lead development rep playbook
  • Job aids
  • Training courseware
  • Train-the-trainer manual


With this portion of the marketing strategy complete, it is time to move on to Phase 8: Marketing Organization Design.