Phase 8: Marketing Organization Design

In the marketing organization and design phase, SBI will help you refine the optimal marketing structure and necessary headcount to execute the marketing strategy.


The Problem

You need to create a marketing organization that works.


To meet the elevated expectations of the social and mobile business executive, a new organizational model may be required. Yet, creating the new model can be complicated, disruptive and risky because bad decisions result in costly setbacks.


The Solution

  • Assessment of current organization model
  • Assessment of existing talent
  • An evaluation of the applicability of the contemporary models dominating B2B marketing
  • Structure design
  • Org chart
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Buy versus build versus outsource assessment
  • Headcount plan
  • Compensation benchmarks and plans for each role
  • Transition plan


With this phase now completed, it is time to advance to Phase 9: Agency Management.