Full Potential Awards 2021



Recognition is a very important part of the great culture we try to build. Our Full Potential award winners have actively displayed all of the SBI values as recognized by peers and senior partners.


Recipients of this award are given the opportunity to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip of their choosing.



Values Awards 2021


Our Values awards are peer-nominated, which is the best form of recognition. Winners of individual awards have been recognized as the best values-driven team members and are consistent examples of what these values mean at SBI.


Be Great: Striving for excellence in everything we do. We define what great looks like, then we hold ourselves accountable for achievement.


Own the Outcome: You are comfortable being uncomfortable. You find the solution for both your teammates and clients.


Own Your Development: Proactively evolve your expertise faster than the market.


Inspire Others: Act with enthusiasm that motivates your clients and peers. Lift and empower the team around you.


Embrace 1:1: Invest in relationships that will pay dividends for decades. Clients and peers want to spend time with you.


Build the Firm: We embrace teamwork and vulnerability to build something greater than ourselves. We are never afraid to ask for help.


Weekly Recognition


Amazing things happen with our team every day. Once a week, we take the time to showcase a full potential story with the firm to share team successes, as well as individual achievements through our Hero of the Week awards.

We Care About Engagement

Gallup Surveys


At SBI, we regularly check the pulse on our company culture and engagement through the use of Gallup surveys.


Orientation and Learning


We ensure all of our new employees start off on the right foot by attending a two-day orientation event in Dallas at our world-class briefing center, The Studio. At the Studio, they meet other newly hired SBI’ers and members of our executive team and attend lectures on our Revenue Growth Methodology as well as sessions on SBI’s culture and vision presented by CEO Matt Sharrers.


Due to the pandemic, we have transitioned all onboarding events online to provide a first-class virtual experience.


Full Potential Summit


Our virtual firm comes together annually to attend our Full Potential Summit. Here we reflect on the firm’s progress and lessons learned from the previous year, as well as ways to look forward. Our most significant goal of the summit is to ensure our people engage with each other through various workshops and exercises, to plenty of free time and activities. Additionally, our Full Potential Summit is when we award our Full Potential and Values winners.


We Care About Social Responsibility


As a Values-Based Firm, Our Guiding Principles Extend into Every Facet of Our Lives and Communities


At SBI, we have a unique culture where we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on our employee’s and client’s lives. Beyond that, we see our ability to help others reach their full potential expand beyond the SBI community.


Learn more about SBI Gives Back here.