In preparation for this year’s Operating Partners Forum,  PEI is excited to partner with SBI to capture the latest insights in value creation.


SBI is a management consulting firm that specializing in Sales and Marketing, helping private equity firms and their portfolio companies increase their value by becoming market leaders. SBI has developed a Revenue Growth Diagnostic based upon their research. This online self-assessment will gauge the probability of your portfolio companies to make their number in 2018.  It also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of current Go-To-Market efforts and which areas are most important to their success. By leveraging SBI’s Revenue Growth Diagnostic, it is our hope to capture data and insights that we can then share during the conference.


Please complete the diagnostic based upon your knowledge and experience with your portfolio companies. Select that strategy that is most relevant to the functional area of your responsibility. This will help us identify commonalities across the investment ecosystem. It is our hope this information can be used to help you and your companies successfully plan for 2018.


Revenue Growth Diagnostic