Maximize wallet share and drive up the customer’s willingness-to-pay by market segment with compelling messaging.


Communicating value to buyers is critical to capturing market value. You may know you are better than your competitors. Your competitors may even know it. But if your customers don’t, they won’t pay more for your product. To get the price premium that your differentiation commands, you need to reinforce that positioning through value messaging in all your communication touch points with the buyer.

Rapid Diagnostic

1. Your organization knows the important points of differentiation vs. the competition.

2. You have produced messaging to reinforce your competitive advantages.

3. You have produced messaging to play down your competitive disadvantages.

4. You have produced messaging to raise the importance of your overinvestments.

5. You have injected this collateral into your marketing materials and talk tracks for your sales force.

6. You quantify the value that your product or solution delivers for a given customer.

7. Your sales reps are able to do a value calculation for their prospects during the sales process.

8. You enable your sales force to perform a value calculation through a “value calculator” tool.

9. Your value messaging is customized by market segment and buyer.

10. You actively update your value messaging at least annually.


• Value Messaging Assessment

• Buyer Personas

• Competitive Differentiation Maps

• Positive Differential Value Scoring

• Value Stories

• Value Rapid Diagnostic

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April 23 2019
Trade Show Checklist Tool
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Case Study: Activating the Product Function
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