Choose appropriate price software to help execute your pricing strategy.


You have invested time in setting up your pricing strategy and process, now you need to ensure you have the infrastructure to support it. Pricing software can be a great benefit but will fail without a level of organizational readiness. Investing too early can hinder your pricing processes and be very costly. Also, software is not a substitute for a pricing strategy and will do little to fix broken processes. Think process first then software second. It is critical that before making an investment in software there has been sufficient analytical rigor to quantify the cost, benefit, and expected future state.

Rapid Diagnostic

1. Your company invested in software or digital tools for pricing.

2. You have defined objectives for your pricing technology.

3. The software has been successful in meeting those objectives.

4. Your pricing software is integrated into your processes.

5. Your employees trust the outputs of the pricing software.

6. You first optimized your pricing strategy and processes, then invested in software.

7. Your pricing software makes sellers more efficient.

8. Your software provided all needed pricing KPIs.

9. You are getting a positive ROI on your pricing software.

10. Your pricing software enables marketing to be more efficient.


• Pricing Tools, Systems and Software Assessment

• Pricing Optimization Software Analysis

• Price Management Software Analysis

• Quoting Software Analysis

• Price Calculators

• Value Calculators

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