Phase 5: Business Planning

Through our business planning process, SBI helps your company determine the market opportunity, justification for investment, and assessment of risk for each new product idea.


The Problem

You’re not managing each product as an individual business, and making product investments without a business plan creates little chance for success. The best sounding ideas often run into problems when subjected to a business plan, or possible risks are identified that may prevent the product from becoming a successful business. Start to manage each of your products as a business.


The Solution

  • Market problems definition/analysis
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Investment hypothesis
  • Product value proposition
  • Financial objectives by product
  • Product feasibility analysis:
    • Build
    • Market
    • Sell
    • Support
  • Go-to-market plan by product
  • Risk analysis
  • Go/no go decision criteria


With a Business Plan in place for each product, it is time to dive deeper with Phase 6: Pricing.