Develop the launch schedule for your product portfolio.


Future revenue growth sits in the product road map, use cases and requirements backlogs. Today’s revenue-producing products become tomorrow’s commodities as the competition quickens its development cycle. Building blockbuster products requires moving from legacy market listening techniques to advanced feedback systems. Long lead times starting with robust requirements have been replaced with short lead times starting with use case iterations based on real-time product feedback and analysis.

Rapid Diagnostic

1. Using a research-based approach combined with data-driven models, your product roadmap is in alignment. with the corporate and product strategies and has been shared across the organization.

2. You have established a feedback loop and related processes to capture market data through sales, marketing, and customer success channels.

3. The requirements backlog is incorporated the into your product roadmap.

4. Using data-driven models, a prioritization methodology exists for features and functionality.

5. You seek development input to validate the reality of the timeline and resources required to deliver.

6. Using a research-based approach, you have developed use cases to support the product roadmap.

7. Using a research-based approach, your product specific roadmap considers the entire product portfolio and integration touch points when being developed.

8. Using a research-based approach, your product specific roadmap timeline takes the timing of other product releases and the organization’s or industry events into account.

9. Sales and Marketing teams understand what details on your product roadmap that they can commit to saying is coming to customers.

10. Yours sales team understands the roadmap can be used as a tool to explain the product vision and future direction to customers based on what is known today.


• Prioritized Product and Features List

• Product Roadmap

• Product Roadmap Communication Plan

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