Phase 12: Launch Execution

SBI’s consultants can help your company execute the launch plan to achieve the product’s business objectives.


The Problem

You haven’t sustained your execution for your product to gain traction in the marketplace. All the planning and development in the world will not overcome poor execution. New initiatives die easy, as do new products. Only with a sustained effort can you overcome organizational and customer inclination to revert to old products. Are you letting “plan fatigue” around this new product preventing you from meeting business objectives?


The Solution

  • Launch timeline
  • Launch success metrics and tracking
  • Product enablement roles and responsibilities
  • Product marketing content
  • Product training program
  • Marketing and sales compensation plan audit
  • Product enablement coaching
  • Sales plays and playbooks
  • Customer testimonial template
  • Agile launch execution plan
  • Quick win promotion plan
  • Post-launch issue tracking and resolution plan