Phase 11: Launch Planning

Ensure the organization is prepared to take the product to market.


The Problem

You haven’t prepared the entire organization for the launch of the new product. No one cares more about your product launch than you do. But that doesn’t mean your new product is ready for launch. You need to make sure the rest of your organization is ready for it. And that you won’t be left with a failed product because you missed the most critical step in your product life cycle up to this point. After everything that’s gone into the product to get it ready for release, it deserves a launch, not a failed escape. Are you ensuring the rest of the organization will be ready for your product’s launch?


The Solution

  • Launch readiness audit
  • Launch goals and objectives
  • Launch strategy
  • Launch plan
  • Launch process
  • Launch roles and responsibilities
  • Launch budget
  • Product marketing plan
  • Risk mitigation plan
  • Go/no go decision process
  • Post-launch monitoring plan


With your product launch plans in place, it is now time for the final phase, Phase 12: Launch Execution.