Listen to your customers and enhance products based on their feedback


Even with the best laid plans, some MVP releases do not hit the mark with customers. There are key features that competitors have, the use cases are not quite properly aligned with reality, or poor assumptions were made during the product management process. The good news is you can recover from these things with effective monitoring and feedback processes. Your customers want the product to be as successful as you do, and when they reach out to you to tell you something is wrong, how you use that information will dictate the success of the product. Drop the feedback in a database for consideration and your competitor gains market share. Communicate the problem and address appropriately and you have another loyal customer.

Rapid Diagnostic

1. You have developed and implemented a market listening plan.

2. You have developed a feedback loop process.

3. You have designed and implemented a market problems and solution ideation backlog.

4. Using a research-based approach, a backlog management process exists.

5. You have a customer communication plan process in place.

6. You have traditionally been able to react quickly if something went awry with a product launch.

7. Risk/mitigation plans have been put in place to address post-launch feedback.

8. You have developed a post-launch cadence for cross functional teams to monitor and address feedback.

9. Using a research-based approach and a data-driven model, criteria to prioritize feedback has been defined.

10. Your sales and customer success teams are aware of the feedback process and steps to execute.


• Market Listening Plan

• Feedback Loop Process

• Market Problems & Solution Ideation Backlog Design

• Backlog Management Program

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