The Problem

Product launches fail to generate revenue when sales people and channel partners are not involved in messaging development during prelaunch preparations. When messaging is developed in isolation it is not compelling enough to get your customers to act. Stories told directly to customers by well-trained sales channels enable customers and prospects to answer “Why change?,” and this stimulates latent demand while leading to exceptional revenue growth.


The Solution

  • Launch readiness audit
  • Launch goals and objectives
  • Launch strategy
  • Launch plan
  • Launch process
  • Launch roles and responsibilities
  • Launch budget
  • Product marketing plan
  • Risk mitigation plan
  • Go/no go decision process
  • Post-launch monitoring plan
  • Launch timeline
  • Launch success metrics and tracking
  • Product enablement roles and responsibilities
  • Product marketing content
  • Product training program
  • Marketing and sales compensation plan audit
  • Product enablement coaching
  • Sales plays and playbooks
  • Customer testimonial template
  • Agile launch execution plan
  • Quick win promotion plan
  • Post-launch issue tracking and resolution plan
  • Messaging audit
  • Product positioning statement
  • Messaging plan
  • Product value propositions
  • Competitive positioning analysis


With your product message done perfectly, it is now time to move to Phase 8: Pricing.