The Problem

Growing revenue faster than the industry rate of growth is difficult to do.  One of the biggest challenges is deciding where to start.  A common mistake is trying to do too much too quickly. Accurately pinpointing your starting point and plotting a path to step your way to best-in-class performance is critical action.


The Solution


Revenue Growth Maturity Model:


  • Level 1: Chaos. The revenue growth strategy consists of the heroic activities of a few.
  • Level 2: Defined. A revenue growth strategy is defined but not implemented.
  • Level 3: Implemented. A revenue growth strategy is implemented but in functional silos.
  • Level 4: Managed. A revenue growth strategy is synchronized internally but is not responsive to external market conditions.
  • Level 5: Predictable. A revenue growth strategy is fully implemented producing high customer life time values and low customer acquisition costs.


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