Phase 5: Sales Organization Design

During the sales organization design stage, SBI can help you design the appropriate sales organizational model and determine the proper headcount.


The Problem

You need to know the optimal number of salespeople for you. Understaffed sales teams miss opportunities and fall short of revenue goals. A bloated sales team increases costs and hinders profits. Sales organizational models need to be revisited and restructured to keep up with the needs of customers. A poorly executed reorganization can result in lost customers and resignations from superstar reps.


The Solution

  • Sales organization design assessment
  • Buyer value chain analysis
  • Optimal Structure design and org chart
  • Roles and responsibilities by role
  • Top-down and bottom-up head count model
  • Time study
  • Headcount plan by role
  • Pro forma revenue and cost model
  • Rapid build vs. safety build vs. pay as you go rollout plan
  • Transition plan


With your sales organization whittled down to size, it is now time to move onto Phase 6: Channel Optimization.