Phase 1: Sales Planning

In the sales planning phase, SBI will help you define the plan for how you are going to achieve your revenue goal relative to your competitors.


The Problem

You don’t have a clear plan to make your number. The CEO hands a revenue number to the sales and marketing leaders and says, “This is what I need from you this year.” Without a clear revenue plan, the employees work disjointedly, and the probability of success plummets. Sound familiar?


Creating a revenue plan can be overwhelming. The number of variables — changes in products, prices and competitors — is staggering. And sales and marketing leaders are busy people with many other responsibilities.


The Solution

  • Pro-forma revenue and cost model
  • KPIs
  • Sales plan by market segment, customer segment, and sales team
  • Resource allocation plan
  • Budget


With your main sales structure now in place, it is time to move on to Phase 2: Data Planning.