Phase 14: Sales Support

In the sales support phase, SBI can help your company represent the field within other corporate functional groups, allowing the company to be easy to work with.


The Problem

You need to make it easy for customers to do business with you. Even when your sales team has great rapport with customers, the supporting departments may be bogging down the relationship. Contracts take too long to get through legal, and credit checks and price approvals delay important deals. Modifying product configuration can stall an order. Your processes are making it hard for companies to do business with you.


The Solution

  • Sales support assessment
  • Pricing process
  • Competitive pricing analysis
  • Compensation administration
  • Pricing strategy
  • Price level definitions
  • Price exception approval process
  • Contract support
  • Contract review process
  • Contract approval process
  • Field support
  • Incentive comp administration
  • Order management
  • Channel enablement


With your sales support in place, it is time to go to our final phase, Phase 15: Systems.