Phase 3: Value Creation Plan

Value creation begins as soon as a deal is signed. Management and ownership needs to make the most of this time by getting aligned on what the revenue plan will be post-close.


The first 100 days involve a lot of firsts. Monthly operating reviews, as an example, have new people, a new agenda, and a new cadence. Major stakeholders, such as key customers and employees, need to understand the operating expectations going forward.


After the first 100-day time period, the newly acquired company must execute a long-term value creation plan across all functional areas. This includes the alignment of strategies within the firm, strategic alignment with the market, and ongoing measured improvement.


Finally, the exit strategy must be planned and executed. SBI provides exit planning for realization of the investment objectives, preparing the portfolio company for upcoming due diligence.


Sign to Close

  • Deal thesis growth priorities
  • Sales and marketing pro-forma revenue/cost plan
  • Marketing execution plan
  • Sales execution plan
  • KPI dashboard
  • Resource allocation plan


100 Day Plan

  • Establish a project management office (PMO)
  • Project roles and responsibilities
  • Project management work structures
  • Market research analysis
  • Value creation planning process (weekly, monthly, quarterly)


Post-Close Execution

  • Value creation plan implementation


Exit plan

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