At SBI, our engagements are focused on client outcomes, not simply a set of activities or deliverables.


As a core value of the firm, we command our engagement teams to “Own the Outcome,” which we define as operating with accountability, finding the solution, being comfortable being uncomfortable, and controlling your fears.


Senior Consultant Ellen Wade embodies this value, always stretching herself to drive the best possible outcome for the client.


Pictured here is Ellen getting in the trenches with her client as she reinforces concepts from one of the training sessions that she was facilitating for a sales force of 200+. As Ellen conducted this series of trainings over the course of several months, she continually sought feedback — both internally from other SBIers and from her client contacts — to ensure that the solution was driving the desired outcome, and to ensure that each successive training was better than the prior session.


Reflecting on this project and her work at SBI, Ellen says:


“This training was exciting because it blended many sales best practices into a 3-day learning experience. I worked with the client and the broader SBI team to develop a custom course that directly tied to the outcomes the client wanted to drive within new business and account management. Just as I am held accountable for “owning the outcome” at SBI, I challenged the client’s sales team to “own the outcome” after the course. Each class ended with 3 goals the individual planned to focus on over the upcoming month. Training was further reinforced through on-the-job coaching and a skills-assessment matrix. It was extremely rewarding hearing the success stories from the 200+ reps that completed the course.”


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