Once a month, SBI publishes a vignette of an SBIer “in action” along with a photograph. By doing this we mean to illustrate how much joy and excitement we experience in working with our clients.


                                Sid Nakappan

This project has one purpose: to celebrate our employees and our clients.


The marketplace is always changing. Firms come and go. The last 2 decades are full of these stories. Because of you, our clients and readers, SBI has become a unique management consultancy. Years ago, we did a series called “SBI’s First ten Years”. Now, we are privileged to offer a new series entitled “SBI’s Next Ten Years”. 


Please get to know our people; they are our greatest strength.




At SBI, client intimacy is more than a way of doing business and it extends well beyond a single engagement.  Client Intimacy often means forging strong, lasting friendships.  It means doing our part to promote the careers of those with whom we work closely.  One of our core values at SBI is Embrace 1:1 – Invest in relationships that will pay dividends for decades.  Senior Consultant Sid Nakappan lives this core value every day, consistently developing relationships with clients that are fulfilling and aspirational.


Pictured here is Sid with client David Doloboff from Magento, celebrating his client’s big day: A long and sought after acquisition.  Sid has made it his mission to get to know his clients as people first, and to improve the career trajectory of those he cultivates such relationships with.


Reflecting on his work at SBI, Sid says:  “A company is a collection of people with a common purpose. At SBI, our purpose is to drive people to reach their full potential. I’ve never worked for a company where the purpose was more active and alive than SBI.  The work I do at SBI is challenging, energizing and ultimately, fulfilling.  The relationships I build at SBI are meaningful and massively impactful.”