Software Expertise

Meet aggressive growth targets in shorter timeframes to grow faster than your competitors.

Venture capital and private equity spend billions every year trying to chase the next Apple, Google, or Facebook. Many software companies run at 90+% margins. The opportunity for wealth creation is high, thus driving the constant influx of capital.


To seize this significant opportunity, software companies must also navigate unique challenges:


  • A heightened pace of product innovation
  • Aggressive growth targets
  • Board expectations with short timeframes
  • Fierce competition for talent
  • An ever-changing buyer landscape
  • Rapid commoditization and brand dilution


The increasing competition, ongoing disruption, and constant commoditization require an agile, interlocked corporate strategy as well as strong execution across independent business units.


The SBI team is comprised of a number of software industry veterans — experts who have worked as operators in executive positions for years. By gaining a 360-degree view of your specific challenges and how that relates to the trends present in the market, SBI will quickly assess your current state and provide actionable recommendations to grow faster than the market and competition.


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