The SBI 7 Step Talent Strategy Methodology

Step 1: Profiles

Develop the profile for an “A” player in each key revenue growth role.


Step 2: Assessments

Assess each member of the corporate, product, marketing, and sales teams against their profile to identify talent strengths and gaps.


Step 3: Sourcing

Proactively source talent capable of filling current or future corporate, product, marketing, and sales positions.


Step 4: Hiring

Hire top talent required to execute the corporate, product, marketing, and sales strategies.


Step 5: Onboarding

Shorten the road to productivity by providing new product, marketing and sales leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to perform in the role.


Step 6: Talent Development

Produce an individual development plan for each member of the revenue growth team that will correct or reinforce the necessary behaviors.


Step 7: Succession Planning

Identify and develop candidates with the potential to fill key leadership positions in the future.



The process begins with Step 1: Profiles.