Step 2: Assessments

In the assessment step, SBI can help your company assess each member of the corporate, product, marketing and sales teams against their profile to identify talent strengths and gaps.


The Problem

You need to understand the current state of talent on your team. A strategy will only produce the desired results if the right talent executes it. It’s one thing to think you have the right talent; it’s another to know if you do or if you have gaps that need to be addressed. Don’t be caught with a talent shortage that causes your revenue growth plans to fail.


The Solution

  • Talent assessment process
    • Assessment process by role
    • Industry benchmarks and gap analysis
  • Talent assessment roles and responsibilities
  • Talent assessment frequency definition
  • Individual development plan process
  • Talent/strategy gap analysis


With your assessments now in place, it is time to move on to Phase 3: Sourcing.