Step 5: Onboarding

During the onboarding step, SBI can help your company shorten the road to productivity by providing new product, marketing, and sales leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to perform on the job.


The Problem

You need to reduce the time it takes to make new hires productive. The lack of an optimized onboarding process costs organizations big – in salary, hard costs, training and travel. When a new employee underperforms during the ramp up stage, they can incur soft opportunity costs. A fully ramped-up employee that doesn’t hit the mark will start to eat away at your quotas and margins. With turnover a given in today’s business environment, the difference between a company growing and not growing can come down to the pace and efficiency of ramping up new hires.


The Solution

  • Onboarding assessment
  • Onboarding methodology
  • Onboarding roles and responsibilities
  • Onboarding KPIs


With the onboarding step completed, it is time to move on to Step 6: Talent Development.