How Market-Leading CEOs Are Preparing for the Next Downturn

2020-recession-how-to-prepareCEO Research Report | Q1 2020


SBI just released groundbreaking research on the strategies that market-leading CEOs are currently undertaking to prepare for economic headwinds. Key points include:


  • How market-leading CEOs approach recession-proofing differently than CEOs of average and laggard companies
  • Why strategies that worked during the last recession won’t work in the next downturn
  • How to choose the right go-to-market strategy based on your company’s maturity and revenue growth capabilities
  • The 10 growth metrics that matter — and benchmarks to evaluate your company’s performance


In the next economic downturn, a category of elite CEOs will be able to accelerate their rate of revenue growth and outpace competitors. These winners are working now to recession-proof their go-to-market engines.


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