customer-lifetime-valueThe benefit of calculating the lifetime value of a customer(s) is it allows you to determine which customer(s) you should invest in and which ones you should not.


The second of three reasons you should care about your Revenue Growth Maturity Model level is the impact on Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). SBI found that best-in-class teams operating at Level 5 have a 26% higher CLTV vs. Level 1–4 companies with misaligned strategies. This directly impacts top-line revenue for years to come. Every subsequent year it gets easier to attain the organization’s revenue growth objective.


About the Tool

Once an organization is assessed against the Revenue Growth Maturity Model, they need to know how they stack up against the competition. With this tool, CLTV is quantified then compared to other companies at the same level in the Revenue Growth Maturity Model.


Using the Tool

Understand your CLTV as it relates to your placement on the Revenue Growth Maturity Model. Insights are provided into how CLTV improves over time by moving from one level up to the next.