6-step-strategy-methodologyThe output of using SBI’s Corporate Strategy Methodology is a company growing faster than the organic growth rate of the industry in which it competes.


The corporate strategy is where the direction for the company is defined. It pulls insights from the external marketplace and uses those to make choices such as “Why do we exist?” “Which markets will we choose to compete in?” and “What strategic advantages will we develop?” One of the main goals of the corporate strategy is to enable the development of functional strategies. This tool assesses the strength of your corporate strategy and how well it aligns with your other internal strategies.


About the Tool

Corporate strategy is the allocation of people, money and time to generate profitable growth. It puts your company in the best position within the marketplace. Using a corporate strategy means the entire organization has the direction they need to achieve the corporate objectives.


The six steps below set the direction for your team to organically grow revenues. This allows your entire team to align strategies.


Using the Tool

There are six steps in defining the right corporate strategy. This tool details each of the steps and provides guidance on how to pull them off.


6-Step Corporate Strategy Methodology

Step 1: Objectives

Step 2: Markets

Step 3: Products

Step 4: Competitors

Step 5: Go-To-Market

Step 6: Talent