By having a clear understanding of your customer’s buying behavior, you can determine the level of sophistication needed for the sales and marketing team to be successful.


SBI helps organizations gauge how effective they are at engaging with their buyers. This is more important than ever, as advances with the Internet and mobility give buyers more control of their purchasing journey before engaging a company’s sales team.


To address this trend, companies must focus on getting their messages in the hands of early-stage buyers. This assessment leads to best-in-class, buyer-centric tactical execution in the following areas:


  • Persona research
  • Buyer journey mapping
  • Content marketing
  • Social selling
  • Free trials
  • Sales processes
  • Mobile enablement


Following this assessment, SBI guides you on how to prevent these tactics from masquerading as strategy.


About the Tool


Though many accept the new buyer’s journey as reality, surprisingly few B2B sales and marketing teams have changed their approaches in meaningful ways. It’s as if they’re waiting for this fad to fade away, when it’s actually accelerating.


Research indicates that minor tweaks or surface level adjustments to buyer engagement are not sufficient. In 2011, CEB reported that 57% of the buyer’s journey was complete before a salesperson was actively involved in the process. By 2015, this number reached 69%.


Our Customer Centricity Scorecard assesses how your company aligns itself with its buyers. Moreover, it provides insight into how to more effectively reach them, even when a salesperson is not present.


Using the Tool


Your company is assessed according to your alignment with your buyers and placed into the following categories:


LEVEL 0: Your organization does not see evidence of any change in buyer behavior.


LEVEL 1: Your buyers changed their buyer behavior, and you have reacted through a series of tactics only, without strategic formulation.


LEVEL 2: You realize the changes in buyer behavior and moved from tactics to functional strategies.


LEVEL 3: You realize the changes in buyer behavior and are now focused on aligning strategies.