Benchmarking Tools | Making Your Number in 2020 Workshop

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KPI Benchmarking Tool

Through our thousands of engagements and expert panels with private equity leaders, CEOs, and marketing and sales leaders, we have developed the B2B High Growth “Core 10” KPIs. By avoiding the trivial many and focusing on the critical few, market-leading Revenue Operations teams benchmark themselves on these core metrics.


Benchmark your company’s Core 10 KPIs against similar organisations.


Revenue Growth Maturity Model

The RGMM is a tool developed by SBI to help its clients identify the probability of making their number. The 5-level model provides stage-appropriate strategies to accelerate your revenue growth. By plotting your company on the RGMM, you can assess how it currently ranks in terms of revenue growth capabilities. You can then chart the path to your ideal future state.


Take the 14-question diagnostic to assess your current state and map your future state.


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Connect with Nick Hulse, Managing Director – Europe, with any questions regarding your go-to-market strategy.


Nick is an experienced sales and marketing operator. With over 30 years in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industries, he has enjoyed success in a series of transformations utilizing bleeding-edge revenue growth strategies. Nick has done this in small start-ups, PE backed mid-market companies, and large international public entities. A unique differentiator for Nick is his work has resulted in 5 distinct exits with successful returns for all shareholders. Nick brings to bear a nice combination of operating success and problem solving in both direct and indirect commercial models. He has sat on several boards over the years, with most recent engagements including seats at Metamarkets (sold to Snap Chat), CSF, and Aerialink.