marketing-strategy-methodologySBI’s Marketing Strategy Methodology is designed to create ample demand for your company’s products and services.


The marketing strategy gives your company’s marketing department the direction it needs. It builds on the insights from the external marketplace and remains aligned with the corporate strategy while addressing how marketing builds demand for the company’s products. It requires choices on which market channels to invest in and which ones to forgo. This methodology positions the sales strategy for success.


About the Tool

A Marketing Strategy is an operating plan for a company’s marketing department. It drives demand in the marketplace for the company’s products and services.


Best-in-class marketing leaders produce a copy of their well-articulated marketing strategy. This tool assesses the strength of your marketing strategy and how well it is aligned with your other internal strategies.


The five steps below enable your sales force to define the right marketing strategy to grow revenues. When executed properly, the sales team gets much better at achieving their goals.


Using the Tool

There are five steps in defining the right marketing strategy. This tool dives into the details of each of the steps and provides guidance on how to accomplish them.


5-Step Marketing Strategy Methodology

Step 1: Market Planning

Step 2: Strategy and Planning

Step 3: Resources

Step 4: Execution

Step 5: Marketing Support