attaining-growth-objectiveUse The Odds Maker tool to predict the likelihood of achieving your revenue target.


If you know your company’s level on the Revenue Growth Maturity Model you will better understand your probability of success in attaining your revenue growth objective. In 2014, an impressive 85% of companies achieved their revenue objective, so it was clearly a good year for overall top-line performance.


However, those companies with aligned strategies had a 96% chance of exceeding top-line performance, while those with misaligned strategies had only an 84% chance of success. The Odds Maker provides insight into your probability of success.


About the Tool

Once an organization is assessed against the Revenue Growth Maturity Model, they need to know how they stack up against the competition. With this tool, a company’s probability of success is quantified then compared to other companies at the same level in the Revenue Growth Maturity Model.


Using the Tool

Understanding your probability of success as it relates to your placement on the Revenue Growth Maturity Model provides insight into your likelihood of success. This improves over time by moving from one level up to the next.