What is the Revenue Growth Maturity Model (RGMM)?


The RGMM is a tool developed by SBI to help its clients identify the probability of making their number. The 5-level model provides stage-appropriate strategies to accelerate your revenue growth.


How Does the RGMM Work?


By plotting your company on the RGMM, you can assess how it currently ranks in terms of revenue growth capabilities. You can then chart the path to your ideal future state.


As your organization moves up the maturity model, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) will decrease and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) will improve. Companies that reach Level 5 accelerate revenue growth faster than their industry and their competitors.  Because they have a 95% chance of making their number, they can predict their future with accuracy.


SBI uses this model within client engagements to determine which strategies and tools can be deployed, and in what sequence, to effectively drive change within the organization.


Where Do You Rank on the RGMM?


Take the 31-question diagnostic to assess your current state and map your future state.


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