By using this tool you know whether your company will die quickly, die slowly, survive, or thrive.


All of the evidence points to the fact that companies can no longer afford to launch individual initiatives hoping they will somehow align themselves. The only way to systematize revenue growth is through strategic alignment. It’s the one thing the top 10% of teams say they are doing differently than in previous years that directly contributes to their outstanding performance.


The SBI Strategy-Tactics Matrix assesses how companies use both strategy and tactics to make their number. The benefit of using the tool is that it lays the foundation on how to become (or remain) a thriving business.


About the Tool

Many companies confuse tactics with strategy. Tactics involve doing things right. Strategy involves doing the right things. As the figure below shows, the two are interrelated.


Being efficient at tactics means companies fall into one of two buckets: they either thrive or die quickly. Their fate is sealed by strategy. On the other hand, companies with effective strategy either thrive or survive. Certainly, it’s better to be good at strategy than tactics. In a perfect world, the two intersect, and your company lands smack-dab in the upper right quadrant where there is a brilliant plan that is brilliantly executed.


This assessment documents your organization’s understanding of the fundamental difference between STRATEGY and TACTICS.


Using the Tool

SBI assesses your company across four quadrants. Is your strategy ineffective or effective, and are your tactics inefficient or efficient? Our findings place your company into one of these four categories:

  1. Die Quickly: A poor plan executed brilliantly
  2. Die Slowly: A poor plan executed poorly
  3. Thrive: A brilliant plan executed brilliantly
  4. Survive: A brilliant plan executed poorly