Who Is The Workbook for?
The Workbook is for executives who want to be market leaders. To be a market leader, you must grow revenues faster than your industry and your competitors. We call this “making your number”. And if this describes you, this workbook is for you.


Why Should You Use The Workbook?
The contents of this Workbook will significantly increase the odds of making your number.


How Does The Workbook Do This?
It teaches you what market leaders are doing differently than everyone else. We call these emerging best practices, and they are very different than best practices. Think of them as tomorrow’s best practices today.


Emerging best practices are methods being used exclusively by market leaders. They are powerful differentiators that cause revenue growth to accelerate.


What Is the Best Way to Access The Workbook?
There are three ways to gain access to SBI’s Workbook. Choose any of the options below to learn more.